The team


There are a lot of people around Bassocontinuo project and we’re sure you never expected.
This is the right section to discover a part of them.

Lorenzo Belloli

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paola Belloli

Chief Financial Officer

Arch. Marco Acerbis

Designer ∽ READ MORE

Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

Designer ∽ READ MORE

Christoph Nussbaumer

Designer ∽ READ MORE

Ing. Potito Cordisco

Vibrations Fighter

Ing. Mauro Terraneo

Vibrations Fighter

Elisabetta Brignoli

Art Director

Daniela Zatelli

Production Manager

Silvia Faccini

Senior Quality Control

Anzhela Zyulkovska

Junior Quality Control

Mariana Elena Butnaru

Logistics Manager

Ing. Marco Celesti

IT Engineer

Tiziano Gatti

CNC Wooden Specialist

Carlo Caironi

Wooden Veneer Specialist

Alberto Cambianica

CNC Wooden Specialist

Carlo Locatelli

Metal Warrior

Mauro Locatelli

CNC Wizard

Andrea Innocenti

Leather Man

Manuel Bosisio

Master Painter

Marco Merelli

Carbon Fiber Engineer

Simone Motto

Packaging Engineer


Van Driver