Clean and harmonious lines are perfectly integrated with hi-tech materials such as carbon fibre (which is used at every point of connecting between the supporting structure and the shelf) or more classic materials such as porcelain stoneware and satin-finish steel.

Aeroline represents another challenge and opens up a new era.

All Bassocontinuo products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects

Form Follows Function

Beautiful or functional?

We have chosen both.
For the first time in the HiFi / High-End world, we have introduced design, discovering that mixing ideas and materials from the most different fields and connect aesthetics with performance is possible.
The F2 is so well-proportioned that it could be considered an object in itself, where materials and textures are perfectly matched, creating contrasts that enhance the shapes.

The design is by Marco Acerbis, an award-winning, internationally renowned architect who has worked with Foster+Partner and the architect Mario Bellini, as well as a prestigious client portfolio.
Architect Marco Acerbis designed the entire Aeroline for Bassocontinuo, a series of objects with strong aesthetic connotations that do not disdain state-of-the-art technical solutions.

15th Anniversary

Available worldwide in only 15 pieces

To celebrate our 15th anniversary we have created a collector’s model F2:

1. Genuine aniline leather wrapping: an extra-luxury version of the leathers we normally use to cover the shelves featured in the B by BASSOCONTINUO collection. Softness to the touch, unmistakable texture, colors that light up when light hits them under certain conditions.

2. Structure coating: all steel parts have been subjected to the same superficial coating treatment that we reserve for our bespoke service products. A textural, matte, and aggressive lead gray which immediately brings back the custom exhausts of luxury grand tourers.

3. Connectors and central panels are made by blue Kevlar® – let’s abandon carbon fiber just for a moment to replace it altogether with an equally high-tech composite material like Kevlar: a sight for sore eyes!


The details of the line

Combination of design and performance

Aeroline key points

The features on chart

First-class performance

Elegance, innovation and boldness

The solid stainless steel structure with a diameter of 50 mm is joined to the shelves using special carbon fibre connectors that implement stability and at the same time act as dampers. Each shelf is then decoupled using the tried and tested system also found on the Reference and Revolution lines, guaranteeing first-class performance.
As always, modularity is an integral part of the design, making the products expandable and upgradeable aftermarket.
The point of contact with the floor is made using height-adjustable semi-spheres, which, associated with a stabilizer washer, guarantee extreme fine-tuning.


Cable Management

Cable management is a revolutionary and outstanding tool, made by carbon fiber, to keep your cables perfectly neat. Everybody knows how could be bothersome a cable’s jungle.
This could also be damaging in terms of performance: with our cable management you can move away power cords from signal cables.

Set of 4.



For the first time the ceramics make their entrance: Sahara Noir is an anthracite finish inspired by desert hot colors. The stone presents different stripes from golden to brown. Each panel is unique, leaving color combination to chance.


The RAL 9016 white of the shelf integrates perfectly with the colors of the marble. The gray veins match the steel structure. The strong contrast created by carbon fibre connectors enhances the shapes.


Maybe the finish with more charm: this ceramic panel reproduce the classic black veined marble that create a perfect contrast with the deep black of HDF shelf and the shiny of carbon fibre connectors.


The most technical finish: the carbon uprights combine perfectly with the shiny carbon central panel. The shelves are in HDF painted in matt black.


Like in Revolution Line, we have introduced a basic finish. All the technical features remain unchanged, it only lacks the central panel, replaced by a smooth matt black painted shelf.