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An innovative material containing nanotechnological particles that enable the thermal repairability of micro-scratches.
It is anti-fingerprint with low light reflection, comfortable to touch and resistant to abrasion and scratches.
The shelf floats and is entirely suspended on nitrile rubber bearings for perfect isolation from vibrations.


There is no compromise like its name: extreme, definitive. The Ultimate Line has been tested by an independent laboratory which has enabled us to know its properties as well as making structural changes to optimize its performance. To date, it is the only product on the market entirely subjected to static/structural and accelerometric tests.


To optimize the response to resonance frequencies, after the accelerometric tests we applied a 11.5 kg damper at the lower part of the top shelf. It is therefore perfect for prestigious turntables and CD players that are extremely sensitive to vibrations.


As per tradition, each of our products is totally modular and upgradeable in the aftermarket. The entire ULTIMATE series is made by stainless steel (INOX 303) structure machined from solid. In addition to giving extreme stability to the object, it also guarantees total flexibility for future updates.


The height can be naturally adjusted and is made up of a main body of solid stainless steel completed by a Delrin cone: a POM resin with high mechanical resistance.


The lower shelf as well as the upper one consists of a sandwich of different materials. We chose Valcromath (already extensively tested in the STEALTH version from REFERENCE 2.0), a super HDF with superior mechanical characteristics, interspersed with a sheet of aluminium that guarantees further rigidity and load-bearing capacity, as well as giving it an attractive aesthetic effect.