Ultimate Line

Nothing will be like before


It was not simple: we wanted to go even further! After Revolution Line there was a need to show off our strong will to win every challenge. The Ultimate Line today represents our headiner, the one that crosses the limits, the one that fights with Giants and smashes records.

A scientific approach to a first-class result. A serious project, no bells and whistles, made of numbers and graphs. A project born from the desire to overcome what seemed unsurpassed.

All Bassocontinuo products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects

No compromise, like its name

The most extreme line of Bassocontinuo

The use of materials with a high technology content, such as Valchromat®, Delrin®, or Fenix NTA® (which mixes to the aesthetic impact a surface with nanotechnology particles that self-repair with heat), combined with a series of technical features that raise performance to levels unthinkable until today (such as the addition of a mass damper and a floating shelf to house your precious source) make the ULTIMATE, the new benchmark to which all others will have to adapt.

Any idea what you’re looking at? The Golia model (three shelves) weighs 156 kg, has four decoupling steps, it’s fully modular and upgradeable also aftermarket and is tested with three-dimensional accelerometers.

The details of the line

"Zero-shaking" system for top-level performance

Ultimate Line key points

The features on chart

At the world top of high end racks

Subjected to static / structural and accelerometric tests

The Ultimate Line represents the highest level in the production of high-end or extra high-end racks: an uncompromising line, tested using a new consulting company that works with the giants of technology, of competitions, of aerospace industry.

The tests conducted with technologically advanced equipment decree the result: we created something that had not yet been seen on the market. Do you want to isolate your high end turntable or your esoteric CD Player? You have found the product for you.