Classic Line



The second generation, deeply restructured compared to the previous one, represents our greatest effort at the design level. From the beginning the goal was to create a highly usable product line, with a decidedly affordable price and impeccable technical features.

Given the numbers sold on the market in the selling period from February 2018 to now, we are absolutely sure that we have hit the bull’s eye!

All Bassocontinuo products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects


A small technical update, a considerable increase in performance

Classic Line today represents the best buy for all budgets. Since we have demonstrated the importance of a rack into an audio system, we considered it essential to make available also to the enthusiasts, that for various reasons don’t intend to invest significant amounts in a product of this type, the highest possible level of isolation, combined with a series of primary importance technical characteristics.

The new 2.1 version combines the most prestigious lines in the new “zero shaking” tightening system. The upgrade is 100% compatible with previous versions so owners of Classic Line racks can now easily add and mix shelves in the 2.1 version.
The result achieved is of absolute importance: considering that we are talking about an entry-level and a totally free constraint rack, the stability increases by more than 50% compared to previous versions!

The details of the line

New design with fully turned steel legs

Classic Line key points

The features on chart

Top of the range features

Modular and always upgradeable aftermarket

The whole series are entirely modular and upgradeable aftermarket. This means that at any time after the first purchase, you can add one or more shelves or modify the height between them, simply by adding or removing the spacers that make up metal structure.
To make it possible, we have introduced corner pillars machined from solid (perhaps the only entry level in the world to have this feature) present in our top of the range.

The shelves are now increased in thickness and the load capacity is now comparable to first-class racks.
Decoupling takes place at two fundamental points: under each shelf and under the rack, to be able to optimally isolate it from the floor.

Further confirmation of the exceptional design work comes from the new accelerometer tests carried out in collaboration with Vicoter and Politecnico di Milano.
As extensively demonstrated in the comparative analysis between our racks and a normal commercial table, Classic Line is an absolute “must-have”, with performance that is just slightly lower than the most performing lines.

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Not only a base disk ma a real decoupler. An easy and inexpensive way to start to isolate your gears, loudspeakers or racks. It is supplied in bundle with our Reference Line and made by AISI 303 solid stainless steel. It has inside an elastomer able to absorb part of the vibrations caused by low frequencies.

Spike C

Spike C is an advanced adjustable spike, designed to make a sandwich of four different materials.
The heart is made by pure solid copper disc which can be matched with (according to your needs) two decouplers (included into the box) with different density. Compression inside of metal shields, facilitates energy damping. You can immediately notice enhanced stage focus and better bass frequencies control.
Spike C is supplied on set of 4 (but is available in set of 3 or 5 as well) and is fully compatible with all CLASSIC LINE 2.0 and 2.1 products. It can be used under electronics (especially turntables and CD players) or can replace the original loudspeaker’s spikes (M8 thread)



Cerbero Black it’s a deep, total matte black, who doesn’t reflect the light following the new trend and Iside White its total white opaque alter ego.
They are combined with a dark gray coating for the structure, to offer a mix between sophistication and grit.
Cerbero Black is now available also with stainless steel structure.

The shelves are decoupled by a Red PU ring (90 sh.) to highlight the “High Performance” and aggressive mood. Spikes discs are provided with any rack, included a rubber decoupling (SBR 70 sh.) on the back.

As always, the aesthetic factor goes hand in hand with technical progress: we have introduced the Walnut and Wenge open pore finishes to complement all owners of Sonus Faber speakers and the MC Edition finish for owners of McIntosh electronics.