B by BASSOCONTINUO is our new customization service.
Born for the most demanding people, it’s synonimous of exclusivity, excessive care and incessant innovation.
A perfect marriage of form and function. Designed to perform, handmade in Italy.

Identity and personalization

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to develop a high level personalization plan.
Continuous research, both on hi-tech materials and exclusive textures, has allowed us to introduce new and unique combinations that once again make us a brand of excellence in the Hi-fi world.

Dream big

The basis is the REFERENCE LINE technology with some updates that further increase stability and performance like the “zero shaking” system adopted on the flagship Ultimate Line. Thanks to the rack configurator the customer can experiment with infinite possibilities of customization and if not enough can require a product designed and made exclusively for him. We have divided the collection into two large families: RACING and HERITAGE. Two guidelines to direct the enthusiast towards the product that best suits them.


A collection inspired by the cars: an explosive mix of power, luxury and strength with the refined textures of the main colours and the technology of exclusive materials directly derived from the racing world for the center panel.
Enhance your bespoke experience choosing through shiny double stitches or shelf piping and legs/ structure colors.


A collection inspired by the nature: the rich hues and tones of the main colours that emanate the warmth and depth of autumn and winter, play with the rare wooden veneer of the center panel to obtain a strong and refined effect at the same time. Complete your bespoke experience selecting the double threads or the shelf piping and the legs/structure colors for a unique, tailored audio rack.

Dedicated configurations

There is something more: some configurations have become official products.
Some are dedicated to famous brands, integrating and blending perfectly thanks to a careful selection of materials and colors.
Others are inspired by something that particularly struck us as the interior of a limited-edition Ferrari or an old 1950s airplane.

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