Ultra Feet

Enhanced Isolation system



The first fully laboratory tested isolation system.

It drastically reduces the possibility of negative vibrations reaching your components, dispersing energy in the form of heat. Focus on the stage, greater detail and increased dynamics are just some of the parameters that benefit from it.

The first fully tested
isolation system

Ultra Feet was born to optimize visco-elastic materials depending on load charge, making a specific product with a limited useful range to precise parameters: we are in fact completely against full range products which cannot have the same effectiveness.

Ultra Feet is actually available in 6 levels (in terms of dimensions and performance).
Each one is calibrated on a specific load charge range, with two or three different damping materials (depends on the level): all of them are fully tested by Vicoter.


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Six models designed to optimize the effectiveness of your electronics

• Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 are adjustable in height: this guarantees a fine tuning of your set up.
• Superior levels are decoupled by Technogel®: up to now the best fluid-solid material on the market. Technogel® combines 3D fluid deformation, therefore the upmost damping rate, with memory form of solid which guarantee constant performance during its life.
• Each feet is deoupled on both sides (shelf and electronic), makes it a full-fledged independent system. The electronic is floating on it, avoiding any kind of mechanical coupling.
• 3 and 4 pieces sets available.

Single Ultra Feet load capacity

A few months after birth, Ultra Feet feet have already received awards from the Hi-Fi world: the prestigious The Ear Best Buy and the “5 stars – recommended badge” by Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Each line has its own Ultra Feet

Buying Guide

Ultra Feet works perfectly beneath each electronic and it’s strongly suggested under sources (turntable and CD player).
Ultra Feet is not universal, we recommend to follow the load chart indicators to obtain the best performance as possible.

Each Ultra Feet level is linked to a specific line or type of product (for example Level 2 / Classic Line, Level 6 / Loudspeakers), based on materials and budget.

Level 1

• Single weight capacity: 0,1-15kg
• Diameter: 4,4cm
• Height: 2,9cm
• Color: green
• Set: 3 or 4

Level 2

• Single weight capacity: 0,1-2,5 kg
• Diameter: 40 mm
• Height: 29 mm
• Color: silver
• Set: 3 or 4

Classic Line

Level 3

• Single weight capacity: 2,6-5 kg
• Diameter: 50 mm
• Height: 29 mm
• Color: red
• Set: 3 or 4

Reference Line

Level 4

• Single weight capacity: 5,1-10 kg
• Diameter: 55 mm
• Height: 30 mm
• Color: gold
• Set: 3 or 4

Revolution Line

Level 5

• Single weight capacity: 10,1-20 kg
• Diameter: 60 mm
• Height: 35 mm
• Color: black
• Set: 3 or 4

Ultimate Line

Level 6

• Single weight capacity: 5,1-25 kg
• Diameter: 50mm
• Height: 32 mm (adjustable)
• Color: turquoise
• Set: 4

Laboratory tests

Vicoter measured the behaviour of five damping block manufactured by Bassocontinuo when subjected to vibrations.
In particular, during tests, an electro-dynamic shaker (G&W V55) is used to introduce vibrations in dampers and two accelerometers (PCB 333B32) are used to measure the vibration reduction obtained by the damping block, which is loaded with a weight.
All tests were performed with a set of 4 Ultra Feet.

For more information download the report:


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Comparative diagram till 1000 Hz and variable loads on the single Ultra Feet.
Present test campaign is performed with the purpose to demonstrate that each damper maximizes its performances when loaded in its designed load range.

Click on the kg loads to see the test results:


  • 1
  • 3.7
  • 7.4


Accelerometer comparative diagram between 0 and 6000 Hz, be-fore and after treatment, with Ultra Feet.
This test is performed with the aim of highlighting the amount of harmful vibrations absorbed by the Ultra Feet system.

Click on the levels to see the test results:


  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5