Bassocontinuo for the environment

Our commitment, every day


Everybody can make something to reduce environmental impact of its daily activities.
Bassocontinuo is carefully focused on environmental sustainability: since 2010 we have made important investments to completely replace our packaging.


Sustainable packaging is conceived to reduce as much as possible environmental impact and at the same time, protect the products during shipments.
Saving raw materials, simplifying packaging design, using recycled material or making easier recycling activities: are only a few key points to meet sustainability products dynamics.


Did you know that it can take up to 13 litres of water to produce a simple A4 sheet of paper?
Since 2023 Bassocontinuo decided to no longer supply any kind of advertising matrerial to its partner around the world.
At the stock depletion we’ll do not print anymore catalogs or brochures to promote our products.
Anyway we’ll keep updated all our marketing material which remains downloadable by our website on your favorite device or simply scanning QR codes during the shows around the world.


70% recycled composite fibres in the new Aeon Light

We are proud to introduce the very first product with lowered environmental impact: during HIGH END 2023 we’ll present the first rack made by recycled carbon fibre.
After a very long planning time, in cooperation with leading manufacturers, we’re finally ready with AEON LIGHT: a rack made by 70% of recycled composite materials.
We keep the same incredible performance of traditional carbon fibre reducing environmental impact: a goal for everybody!


Aeon Light