We will rack you


    Craftsmanship is synonymous with tradition, passion and attention to details.

    We will rack you


    More than 30 hours to create a rack

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    We will rack you


    We're always one step ahead. And you can hear it.

    We will rack you


    Your HiFi system with our racks.

    We will rack you


    We make the rack in your image.

    We will rack you


    Perfect, over the top.


Craftsmanship is synonymous with tradition, passion and attention to details

Our products are entirely designed, conceived and manufactured in Italy. Excellence is embedded in every component of our products, each of which has been made with the passion and know-how that has made Made in Italy a brand recognized throughout the world. The refinement of details is the result of the experience and tradition devoted to innovation of our craftsmen, whose skilled hands contribute in a decisive way to the creation of true masterpieces.

We combine the last generation CNC machinery with the experience of our best craftsmen, whose patience, attention and care for details are fundamental ingredients for the creation of a unique and unrivalled product.

All Bassocontinuo products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects.


Expression of a world-oriented territory

Each creation designed by Bassocontinuo is entirely made within a radius of 20 kilometers, in an area called Lombardy, internationally renowned for the excellence of its production. We are therefore proud to be Italian, of our roots and of the historical, cultural and industrial heritage built day after day by companies like ours. Italian design and style have always been part of Bassocontiuo’s DNA, together with the continuous drive for perfection, the ideal combination of solid reliability of materials and sound peculiarities, the definitive mix between elegance and functionality. Without compromise.


Who we are


Pure quality and excellence

We offer our customers a range of products synonymous with quality, refinement, durability and cutting-edge technology. Each of our racks is in fact a final work rendered possible by the creative, unique and harmonious combination of skills, research and passion: an extraordinary balance which is possible only in Italy. Handmade in Italy is not just a slogan or a trademark: it is the perfect synthesis of what we create every day.


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Bassocontinuo not managed direct sales but through a network of dealers all over the world.

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More than 30 hours to create a rack

The creation of a perfect object requires time and dedication, as well as rhythmic tension and passion. These are the ingredients that make up the unique mix that leads to the creation of a handmade and labeled Bassocontinuo rack. From the raw material to the finished product, from carpentry to turning, from painting to carbon fiber processing, from leather goods to quality control and certified packaging. Each line involves different suppliers: Bassocontinuo collaborates with more than twenty-five local businesses. And from every single work emerges the dedication, time and expertise of our craftsmen: behind a creation like ours lies all the extraordinary handmade in Italy.


Discover how one of our products is produced


From panels of about six square meters to shelves of sixty centimeters, from highly automated processes to skillful manual steps: every single action is meticulously studied on the drawing board in order to obtain a technically perfect object.
From the cutting of the HDF panel (or in various other materials) to the single shelf is a succession of actions (such as milling and drilling carried out by latest generation five-axis CNC machines or completely manual polishing) that take more than forty minutes to obtain a semi-finished product ready to be sent to the next steps.




The supporting structure is manufactured through a billet turning process, regardless of the material selected.
Bars of six meters in length and different diameters depending on the product to be obtained are inserted in the loaders of the high precision CNC machining centers. The fully automated process continues with a completely manual procedure: surface satin finishing with abrasive papers of various grits used in sequence.
Just to give you an idea, we move more than two and a half tons of stainless steel per month.
The process ends with multiple quality controls (dimensional, aesthetic, mechanical) carried out on each single piece (from the spacer cylinder to the tip, from the cap to the subpoint).
Everything is very simple? Nothing is what it seems.




Only a part of our products is covered by leather: the racks of customers who rely on our B by Bassocontinuo tailoring service.
An incredibly long process that only expert hands are a capable of handling all the way through with painstaking precision.
From the search for the ideal leather to the delivery of the finished product can take many weeks, it all depends on what you want to achieve. We have hundreds of leather samples and over 680 colours of thread for a proper tailoring service.
From the cutting of the leather, to the subsequent triple stitching (one structural and two cosmetic) to the covering of the shelf, there are several hours of work and only two of our craftsmen are skilled to complete the process.




One of the most complex steps because it is influenced by an infinity of parameters that are difficult to control.
Each shelf receives between 6 and 9 coats of polyester-based paint. We use only light and moisture resistant nautical paints. It can take up to two and a half weeks from the first coat/primer to the final brushing (in the case of mirror polished shelves).
The entire process is entirely manual and only the skill of the craftsman determines the final result.




Few people know that to make a carbon fibre object you start from a fabric. Even fewer know the meaning of “monocoque frame” and the structural benefits that this entails. What is certain is that our craftsmen, assisted by a pool of engineers who have outlined the project down to the smallest detail, are capable of creating a small masterpiece of mechanical engineering using the same technique used in the production of F1 safety cells.
We are not talking about a trivial carbon cover (or even worse, an adhesive that mimics it) that covers a load-bearing material (for example MDF) but an object made entirely of carbon fiber and other composite fibers, hollow inside, with characteristics of rigidity, lightness and at the same time elasticity like no other. A production limited to a few pieces per week, with a very long and totally manual lamination process.
The thousands of filaments that make up the carbon fibre are transformed into something unique, precious and at the same time with an unrivalled output.




A pride of ours since the beginnings. Few people pay attention to the container, we always have. A meticulous quality control precedes every single shipment. Our employees know the importance of this last step.
If everything is perfect, the rack is packed and shipped: all our packaging has undergone drop tests during the design phase and are shockproof certified. We use only top quality materials, which guarantee shock resistance and solidity at the same time.
And for a minimum environmental impact, we have chosen a “green” approach, banning polystyrene from our boxes since 2008.
One more reason to choose Bassocontinuo.




We're always one step ahead. And you can hear it

Enhancement of craftsmanship and refinement of the finishes are the main features of our DNA. In addition to this, there is the continuous research of materials, to find in each rack the perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and functionality. In fact, it is absolutely forbidden to sit on our laurels, despite the high level of quality already achieved: every day we experiment, look for new solutions, roll up our sleeves and start from scratch. This is the only way to obtain revolutionary products.
Never give up” perfectly reflects what we are.
Revolution Line, for example, already identifies itself through its name with its disruptive spirit: the only series of racks in the world with monocoque carbon fiber frames was designed to offer our customers the perfect combination of hi-tech materials and exclusive textures.

Structural carbon, Fenix NTA®, Delrin®, Torlon®, Technogel® are just some of the materials we use to optimize the performance of our racks. A long and expensive research process ultimately pays off with unique products, often imitated but still unmatched.


The fruit of an ambition taken to the extreme

Lightweight, with extraordinary mechanical strength ( capable of withstanding high loads) and an extreme ability to dampen vibrations. These are the characteristics of the carbon fiber that we have applied to the world of audio, combined with the aesthetic and emotional value that distinguish it. A true technological jewel resulting from a highly specialized production process and derived from the world of competition, where ambition is taken to the extreme. This is the same spirit from which a unique rack was produced, where beauty, functionality and high performance come together to create a mix with a revolutionary soul.


Carbon core revolution

Revolution Line: no compromise, pure innovation. Destiny was written in its name: a revolutionary and unique rack with monocoque carbon fibre frames designed to draw a line. “Carbon Core” brings to light the carbon soul of this rack, its DNA and its vocation. The exceptional characteristics in terms of structural rigidity, lightness and elasticity have been the fundamental ingredients to create a frame composed of thousands of filaments which, after a long and skilful production process, have given life to a unique supporting structure of the highest technological level. From today nothing will be the same as it was before.

Discover Revolution X


Your HiFi system with our racks

Modularity has been one of our strengths since the beginning.
Most of our products are fully upgradeable even after purchase: this means that at any time you can add one or more shelves or change the distance between one and the other. With some models, for example in the REFERENCE LINE, it is even possible to change the structure, disassembling and reassembling the rack, to go from a vertical to a horizontal layout, as if you were dealing with LEGO bricks.

Once the basic investment is made, a Bassocontinuo rack can follow the evolution of the system throughout its lifecycle.
Are we sure that only a diamond is forever?


Modular and tested, including the dress

Nothing is left to chance because it is always the details that make the difference.
We have studied every single detail: from shapes to materials, from finishes to accessories.
We have banned plastic from our products since the beginning, even our logo is silkscreen printed on brushed aluminum plates.

We have always considered the container as a part of the product and tested it to make sure that every single shelf reaches its destination without any inconvenience: a modular packaging, capable of absorbing important shocks and with a distinctive green footprint.


Choose the combination that suits you

Modularity means adaptability but also uniqueness.
Considering the number of available finishes and the infinite number of shape variations (in addition to the customized B by Bassocontinuo service) we can safely say that each of our racks is almost unique.
In each product line the structure is mainly composed of two cylinders of different heights (usually a multiple of each other) that, combined together, allow you to distance the shelves as you want: the fundamental concept is that this height can be changed at any time and updated according to the needs of your precious HiFi system.


Discover the most modular line of Bassocontinuo


We make the rack in your image

We often hear about emotional buying and like every luxury item, we must identify with it: like a dress, a car or a watch.
A rack must not only be beautiful and functional: it must represent exactly who we are.
B by Bassocontinuo is all this and much more: we satisfy any request even the most demanding. Our tailoring service follows the customer through every single step, from the structural one to the dimensional one up to the most frivolous but impressive one: the aesthetic customization.

We are structured in such a way that we can deliver a product completely customized in about four weeks and every single shelf will bear the signature of the craftsman who created it.
If you want something really exclusive try to have a look at our online configurator or contact your nearest dealer.


The combination you want is already a reality

We offer combinations of precious materials like in our Black Edition where carbon fiber is perfectly matched with Alcantara and a very valuable full-grain leather or just structures sized to accommodate your giant monoblock amplifiers.
Let yourself be guided by fantasy, inspiration or for once follow your wife’s advice: try using materials and colours, combine hyper-technological textures and exotic essences or simply contact us for advice.
B by Bassocontinuo means pure uniqueness: each rack is different from the other. The exclusivity is now in your hands.


B By Bassocontinuo

Rack configurator


Perfect, over the top

There are many rack manufacturers on the market: few seriously address the problem of vibration, even less do so scientifically.

We work with an industry-leading consulting firm to whom we entrust the static and dynamic testing of our products using state-of-the-art equipment.
The racks are subjected to static test cycles with laser equipment that determine their compliance, vertical and horizontal deformations and breaking loads, thus enabling us to certify the capacity of the shelves and structure them for longer life.
The next step is dynamic characterization with detection by mono and triaxial accelerometers positioned in 52 points. The tests make it possible to reconstruct the modal deformities of each shelf and understand which forces interact with the structure when we generate vibrations controlled in terms of amplitude and frequency by means of a seismic exciter.
We record parameters such as transmissibility (to understand if there are frequency bands for which the vibrations coming from the floor are amplified), the time course of the frequency response functions and damping as a function of resonance frequencies.
The results allow us to return to structures and materials, optimizing the response at lower frequencies (the most harmful ones), applying damping masses or dampers as needed.

We have a serious and competent approach, we offer alternative solutions and we challenge false myths, with a drive for continuous improvement. Are you ready for a new challenge?


In 2014 we introduced carbon fibre. First with a simply aesthetic function, then as a structural element giving birth to Aeon, the world’s first carbon monocoque rack.
The tests carried out during the prototyping phase showed us that we were on the right track.
A real revolution in the rack market.


Download the laboratory test


The biggest challenge: to overcome what we created with Revolution Line. A seemingly impossible step that we faced with incredible enthusiasm.
After about a year of development Golia was created, a 150 kg monster with unprecedented structural rigidity, which uses four levels of absorption and is ideal for high-end systems with top-of-the-range turntables.
Take a look at the tests that have allowed us to get closer to perfection.


Download the laboratory test