Ultra Feet Level 1

Enhanced Isolation System for generic purpose



Have you ever tried to isolate electronics from the supporting surface?
This is the right opportunity to do so!

With a limited investment you will have the opportunity to hear the difference between a decoupled electronics and one placed on a non-isolated shelf.

Ultra Feet | Level 1

Ultra Feet Level 1 is designed to offer an excellent level of isolation, using two elastic materials with different densities. The use of non-specific materials allows a rather high load range, making it suitable for most products on the market.

It is ideal for isolating analogue or digital sources and any type of amplification, but also not very large monitor speakers.

Whenever possible, we always recommend to remove the original electronics feet and replace them with your new Ultra Feet. Instead, it is advisable to keep the spikes of your loudspeakers, placing them in the appropriate slot on the top of the Ultra Feet Level 1.

Often, the electronics do not have an even weight distribution, with the transformers mounted asymmetrically in relation to the footprint. In these cases, we always recommend to position your new Ultra Feet in such a way that the weight is balanced correctly (for example with a 4-piece set and the transformers at the rear, you would have to position three Ultrafeets at the rear and one at the front).


48mm x 25mm
Single weight capacity
0,1 to 15 kg
Set of 4 weight capacity
0,4 to 60 kg
Set of 3 / Set of 4

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