Classic Line 2.0



A luxury entry level

Now it’s available the new CLASSIC LINE: a series products who reflect our style with 10 years of experience.

The new CLASSIC LINE is deeply changed and with an extremely advantageous price, it shows the muscles starting from an engaging aesthetic.

All the products are marked by a full modularity as our standard.

The thickness of the shelves are increased and the load capacity is now the double if compared with the previous one.
The structure is made by solid cylinders (the same as superior lines) of 5 and 10 cm. This allowed any height option, also in aftermarket.
You can also add one or more shelf in any time of course.

We just introduced a new amazing finishing: CERBERO BLACK it’s a deep, total matte black, who doesn’t reflect the light following the new trend.
It was combined with a dark gray metallic coating for the structure, to offer a mix between sophistication and grit.

The shelves are decoupled by a Red PU ring (90 sh.) to highlight the “High Performance” and aggressive mood.
Spikes discs are provided with any rack, included a rubber decoupling (SBR 70 sh.) on the back.

An entry level line only by the name.