Six new finishes, six couplings studied in every detail.
We have been inspired by everything around us, following the trends closely and we have offered only the best, without compromise.
A new generation of racks where aesthetics and a meticulous study of performance are at the forefront.
We are different and we are demonstrating this strongly this time once again.

Always proud of our roots. A line conceived, designed and entirely produced in Italy.
We exalt the craftsmanship and the “handmade”. We combine processing with the latest generation of CNC machineries with the many years of experience of the best craftsmen.
Why do we Italians do it better!



The new “total black”. A little shiny, a little opaque. Structure made of HDF painted black embossed scratch- resistant and a central panel made of black painted glass for a perfect sheen with a mirror effect. Details in shiny black steel complete the design.


The white twin. Glossy mirror glass contrasts with white milky shelf and shiny white steel details. Mimimalism and neatness are at the forefront.


Inspired by the world of boats and the sweet life. HDF structure painted embossed black frames a grey oak panel. Details in silver-painted steel accentuate the character. Elegant, retro and at the same time very fashionable.


Aggressive, provocative and luxurious at the same time. Imagine an opaque anthracite trimaran hull, 395 feet long, teak main deck and glossy black details everywhere – worthy of the best James Bond!


The Far West and the ghost towns: wood painted polyester contrasts with rust for a sense of abandonment and unkempt. We are special: have you ever seen real rust on a wooden panel? Latest generation iron-based varnishes, etched and stabilized for a simply incredible effect.


The racing world couldn’t miss out: the embossed black HDF shelf surrounds an opaque carbon fibre panel and an opaque black painted steel detail. The racing is expressed in the furniture.

All models in the REFERENCE LINE 2.0