Once again we went against the current: from the beginning we preferred rounded shapes, sinuous curves and contrasts. The Zen Line is in total antithesis and is presented as a minimal project inspired by Oriental meditation and the essential lines of Japanese art.

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Restyling of an iconic line

An exciting design challenge

Our Zen Line has been redesigned by Antonio Lanzillo & Partners, a design studio founded in 2001 by the multi-award winning architect designer Antonio Lanzillo. Dynamic and creative, Lanzillo is internationally recognized thanks to important collaborations such as those with Marc Sadler and Rodolfo Dordoni, in addition to collaborations with important companies like Technogym, Repower or Cucine Lube. The design studio stands out thanks to a continuous and precise search for originality of the form and for functional innovation, features that describe perfectly also our iconic Zen Line. The architect has redesigned for Bassocontinuo the entire line, maintaining a lightweight design with geometric lines but at the same time rethinking all the details.

“Taking care of the design of a Bassocontinuo rack it is a source of pride and satisfaction for us.
The restyling of an iconic product such as the Zen Line it is an exciting design challenge, redefining the line in all its details but at the same time preserving its original constructive and stylistic philosophy. The essential style of the line is defined by balanced volumes and coordinated finishes, but it has been rethought in all its details. A contemporary rack collection which is highly customizable in size and look in order to adapt the new Zen to multiple contexts and ensuring the maximum performance.”

Antonio Lanzillo

The details of the line

Custom furniture with finishes on request

Zen Line key points

The features on chart

This is innovation

A valuable object for the most refined palates

We have created some examples such as the models Itabashi, Shibuya, Sendai etc. but even in this case everything is changeable because we talk once again about a custom furniture: a technical piece of furniture as we like to define it, because under a clean guise there is a performing soul, made of floating shelves on Torlon® spheres and Teflon decoupling feet.

We offer five standard finishes, we have hundreds more available on request. All you need is an idea, an illumination, something you like and you’ve never found a way to do it.
Contact us and we will design the furniture that best suits your needs.



The grainy texture of the deep and textural black contrast the warm marbling of Dijon Walnut. This creates a refined, elegant and contemporary combination of colors. The aluminum plate profile, inserted to give strength to the furniture, cuts the base in two parts like a sharp blade.


The NCS Grey and the Natural Corbridge Oak evoke the cold colors of the European Tundra. The ideal combination for Nordic inspired minimalist furnishings. Perfect for those who wants to remain unnoticed giving a touch of class.


The strong contrast that it’s been created between the NCS White and the Wenge Wood marks a far from easy to win challenge. This is a further confirmation that the opposites always attract. For many but not for all.


Probably the boldest and captivating finish of the line. Dedicated to those who dare, to those who want to be different and to swim against the tide. The colors of the nature explode in a sharp contrast where the deep blu of the sea is the master abd the Dijon Walnut reminds the boats of the fishermen. Only for those who really want to stand out.


Symbol of nature and of his hyper-realistic strength, the Centurion finish conveys warmth but, at the same time, is synonymous with prestige. The matte brown texture blends perfectly with the warmth of the Mahogany. Apparently anonymous, reveals unexpected shades of colors nuance of strong emotional impact.