Once again we went against the current: from the beginning we preferred rounded shapes, sinuous curves and contrasts.

The Zen line is in total antithesis and is presented as a minimal project inspired by Oriental meditation and the essential lines of Japanese art.

All Bassocontinuo products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects


A valuable object for the most refined palates

We have created some examples such as the models Itabashi, Shibuya, Sendai etc. but even in this case everything is changeable because we talk once again about a custom furniture: a technical piece of furniture as we like to define it, because under a clean guise there is a performing soul, made of floating shelves on Torlon® spheres and Teflon® decoupling feet..

We offer five standard finishes, we have hundreds more available on request. All you need is an idea, an illumination, something you like and you’ve never found a way to do it. Contact us and we will design the furniture that best suits your needs.

The details of the line

Custom furniture with finishes on request

Zen Line key points

The features on chart

Minimal design with geometric lines

Branded wood and technical materials

A small note, however, is due: these furniture, with an important but not exaggerated cost, use only birch plywood sandwiches and HDF veneered with real wood essences.

We do not offer bi-laminated chipboard panels (which is plastic) that try to reproduce the textures and veins of the wood removing the soul and essence that a natural and precious material can give you.

Think different: learn about what you buy!



A wide range of finishing possibilities:
Ebano, Wenge, Balck-oak, Gray-oak and Zebrano.

Available on request finishes such as Rosewood, Makassar, Natural Oak, Pao Santos, etc.