A project derived from the world of competitions where carbon fiber is the master for its intrinsic technological value. A product that fully represents us: revolutionary, antithetical to common audiophile thinking (the more it weights, the less it vibrates), exasperated from the performance point of view.

A concentrate of passion, madness, technology and skilled workmanship, in a sentence: the true Made In Italy of which we are proud and ambassadors in the world.

All Bassocontinuo products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects


To see things from a different perspective

Our flagship: what makes us proud and unique.
Launched in the distant 2014 and evolved to the second generation, it represents to date the only line in the world of structural carbon fiber racks with monocoque frame. We are therefore not talking about “carbon-look ” films or simple carbon sheets applied to a load-bearing material, but about a carbon structural frame produced in a single piece, without welds and completely hollow inside: a small masterpiece of mechanical engineering.

To crown the effort that has generated the Revolution Line, an unrivaled aesthetic studio, the modularity of each rack (even aftermarket) and the possibility to buy hybrid versions that with some compromises, drastically reduce the cost of the item.

The details of the line

Carbon structural frame produced in a single piece

Revolution Line key points

The features on chart

The genesis of a dream

Testing process

Very difficult to realize: to date the only one that has not yet been copied except in aesthetics. It also required major investments in research.

It was our first line entirely tested by an independent laboratory that certified its performance in terms of flow rate (static analysis) and vibration absorption (accelerometric analysis). Nothing is left to chance, every material that makes up this masterpiece is used and it’s in that position for a very specific reason.

With a weight of only 550 grams, the frame has a breaking load (tested) of 325 kg.


Headphone stand

Nobody until now thought about it. On the market there are several headphone stand, but all of them need a place, several time far from the audio system. So why not integrate the rack with an headphone stand? We made it…
My headphone stand is the first stand perfect for a rack. Made by anodized aluminum it’s also possible to choose a bespoke finishing, for example you can cover it with genuine black leather and contrast stitches/threads.
The Revolution it’s just started!

Cable manager

From the sound side everybody knows that the crossing of signal cables, power cables and loudspeakers cables can create several troubles to our audio system, from the aesthetic side we think there is nothing to add. My cable manager it’s a functional object, with a charming design, able to organize our B side audio system.

Remote control holder

How many remote control you’ve in your audio system? Mostly of the time we leave them in a corner or we stack on randomly.
Also this time we’ve created something simple but efficient: My remote control holder it’s a small carbon fiber stand to hold mostly of the remote control on the market. You’ll be able to install up to two My remote control holder for each shelf… now you haven’t any excuse.

Ultra Feet (Level 4)

An isolation system that drastically reduces the possibility of negative vibrations reaching your components, dispersing energy in the form of heat. Focus on the stage, greater detail and increased dynamics are just some of the parameters that benefit from it.



Inspired by the world of racing, it uses a carbon fibre monocoque frame and combines a multilayer shelf covered in natural leather with contrasting red stitching and an aesthetic carbon fibre centre panel.


The twin brother of the Le Mans finish with the same technical characteristics but the opposite colours: the fine red leather is sewn with a double black contrasting thread. Does it remind you of anything?


The best-selling, the one that best represents the spirit of the Revolution Line: a monocoque carbon fibre frame is coupled with a carbon fibre shelf reinforced with high-density polyurethane foam to create a sandwhich of unparalleled performance. Lightness, uncompromising performance and aesthetics in a single product.


The new trend: the monocoque carbon fibre frame is combined with a structural carbon shelf (called Forged carbon) used nowadays by the major Supercar and Hypercar manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Pagani. The final effect is reminiscent of marble, the weight is the same as that of composite fibres.


It combines the performance of the carbon fibre monocoque frame with a shelf made of HDF painted matt for an overall low price. The first approach to the world of composite materials.