The experience gained during all these years challenged us towards a new goal. AEON was born after we reached it.
The new REVOLUTION LINE enters a crowded market but it has that extra oomph. AEON – and the next devices included in the REVOLUTION LINE – is based on clear physics concepts and on serious data. We have not made up things and we have left nothing to chance. To establish a new standard, it is necessary to respect the consumer: is the rack that we have created the best available on the market? Probably not but we are well aware of what we are about to introduce.

Maybe what you see is just a small part of what we think. We have always tried to be different from what was on the market.
There are many ways to present a brand, a product or an idea. They may be all right or all wrong, it always depends on the points of view. There is no doubt that our spur has been and still is the desire to explore and stand out.
Our secret was to observe the market and try to improve it by introducing a philosophy and a way of seeing things from a different perspective.


REVOLUTION LINE was born from our desire to demonstrate that we can dream. We have believed in this project from the very beginning, we have been working hard to contain the costs and introduce on the market an innovative rack at an affordable price.
AEON is a reality today and is the result of all the experience gained during these years. The rack we have designed is what we would like to have in our houses, it represents our ideal: simplicity is complexity resolved (Constantin Brâncuși).

A tachygraphic certificate, that comes with every product, guarantees the perfect execution of the autoclave manufacturing process of the endoskeleton (and the shelf). The control of pressure, time and temperature is fundamental to achieve the best results. High temperature and pressure (120 C° and about 6 bars) inside the mould facilitate the hardening of the epossidic resin and the absence of air bubbles in the structure.
This same procedure is required in the aeronautical and automotive sector to certify the coherence of the productive process.

TESTING PROCESS (static structural analysis)
To design a rack it is necessary to evaluate, first of all, which is the load that it can bear.
AEON is the first rack with a carbon main structure that can bear a very high load (80 kg on bottom shelf, 60 kg on all the others) even if it has a total weight of 635 gr. An amazing result!
The breaking point is even more astounding: the CFRP ENDOSKELETON can bear loads 500 times superior to its weight.
The deformation curves show a straight trend and a very high static resistance. The deformation is inferior to 2 mm on a 800mm long arm, loaded in its central part with more than 120 kg. With the same load the horizontal deformation is inferior to 0,3 mm.


TESTING PROCESS (shelf dynamic analysis)
The modal analysis of the CFRP ENDOSKELETON and of the LHPS SHELF has been performed with a seismic shaker created to generate the vibrations of a source engine (analog or digital) and to understand what actually happens to a rack that undergoes direct stress. A three-axial accelerometer has been positioned in 42 points of the structure. In this way we have recreated the vibrational movements obtained stimulating the structure with frequencies included between 20 Hz and 11 KHz. The subsequent analysis of the results evidenced the critical points of the prototype and gave us the opportunity to optimize the orientation of the carbon layers and maximize its performance.

TESTING PROCESS (dynamic analysis of the structure)
Once established the exact composition of the endoskeleton we have done the dynamic analysis of the entire structure.
We have used a measuring hammer and four mono-axial accelerometers on 51 selected points so to recreate the structural net.
With the EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis) and a dedicated software we have detected the parameters of the resonance frequencies, of the dampings and of the modal warps.
This study evidenced some criticality and gave us the opportunity to solve problems that had never been faced before in this market.
The result is a highly performing rack – without compromises – at a very competitive price.

TESTING PROCESS (transmissibility analysis)
This was the most important phase. In this phase we were to find out if the project was correct: for the transmissibility analysis we have prepared a rack simulating a situation of operativity (we have loaded it with asymmetrical weights to simulate the presence of the electronic devices). We have performed the analysis stressing the deck with a seismic shaker able to create frequencies from 1Hz to 18 KHz from the distance of 1 meter.
In this case the EDT (Encapsulated Damper Technology) module reacted perfectly and demonstrated its ability to damp vibrations, significantly reducing the peaks.



Inspired by the world of racing, it uses a carbon fibre monocoque frame and combines a multilayer shelf covered in natural leather with contrasting red stitching and an aesthetic carbon fibre centre panel.


The twin brother of the Le Mans finish with the same technical characteristics but the opposite colours: the fine red leather is sewn with a double black contrasting thread. Does it remind you of anything?


The best-selling, the one that best represents the spirit of the Revolution Line: a monocoque carbon fibre frame is coupled with a carbon fibre shelf reinforced with high-density polyurethane foam to create a sandwhich of unparalleled performance. Lightness, uncompromising performance and aesthetics in a single product.


The new trend: the monocoque carbon fibre frame is combined with a structural carbon shelf used nowadays by the major Supercar and Hypercar manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Pagani. The final effect is reminiscent of marble, the weight is the same as that of composite fibres.


It combines the performance of the carbon fibre monocoque frame with a shelf made of HDF painted matt for an overall low price. The first approach to the world of composite materials.

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