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ARMONIA – sound absorber picture


Armonia is an innovative range of sound absorber pictures, specially designed for home.
Inside there is a polyester fiber panel that can reduce the time reverb.
The thickness of the frame is 50 mm (2½) and the pictures are available in 2 different sizes: 650 x 650 mm (25″½ x 25″½) and 1250 x 650 mm (49″ x 25″½).
Currently is presented with some minimalist but with strong aesthetic impact images.
Armonia can be printed with your own images too.

One of the most important problems during the reproducing of the musical message is the reverb.
For example, in rooms not completely furnished or with a big glass surfaces,
the sound wave is almost completely reflected, causing unpleasant effects and being annoying.
The absorption coefficient is the parameter that defines the amount of energy absorbed by a material when struck by a sound wave.
When the absorption coefficient is equal to 1, the sound wave is completely absorbed, when it is equal to 0 the sound wave is completely reflected.
The absorption coefficients change depending on the material of the surface and from the energy of the sound wave that strikes it, then from its frequency.

To solve these problems exists different solutions, some extremely expensive.
Use sound absorber pictures is a simply and cheap solution.
Here you can find a brief guide on the positioning of the panels. This guide will not be the final solution to your problems, but want to be only a little help for the correct positioning of the sound absorber pictures, considering some example of rooms usually dedicated to the listen of the music.
Usually a room furnished with carpets, bookshelves and curtains, requires fewer Armonia pictures.
A big size room not completely furnished and with a big glass surfaces, required more Armonia pictures.

The Armonia sound absorber pictures consist in a MDF frame 50 mm (2″) thick.
The result is a product very light and handy but strong and durable.
As you can see from the ABSORBITION CURVE, the Armonia pictures are effective from 250 Hz, and they reach maximum effectiveness between 600 and 6000 Hz.
The sound absorber panel used in Armonia pictures is made of polyester fiber and therefore is fireproof Class 1 (one) and F1 fumes class.

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