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Nobody until now thought about it. On the market there are several headphone stand, but all of them need a place, several time far from the audio system. So why not integrate the rack with an headphone stand? We made it…
MY HEADPHONE STAND is the first stand perfect for a rack. Made by anodized aluminum it’s also possible to choose a bespoke finishing, for example you can cover it with genuine black leather and contrast stitches/threads.
The Revolution it’s just started!


How many remote control you’ve in your audio system? Mostly of the time we leave them in a corner or we stack on randomly.
Also this time we’ve created something simple but efficient: MY REMOTE CONTROL HOLDER it’s a small carbon fiber stand to hold mostly of the remote control on the market. You’ll be able to install up to two MY REMOTE CONTROL HOLDER for each shelf… now you haven’t any excuse.



From the sound side everybody knows that the crossing of signal cables, power cables and loudspeakers cables can create several troubles to our audio system, from the aesthetic side we think there is nothing to add. MY CABLE MANAGER it’s a functional object, with a charming design, able to organize our B side audio system.

M KIT – Additional Cylinders

M Kit Revolution

From the beginning we are different!
Revolution Line it’s a class of products that allow an incredible quantity of combinations. Do you need additional space for your new power amplifier? Now it’s simple: we’ve two different additional cylinders kit (5 and 10 cm) to increase the height between two shelves. Available in Copper or Solid Stainless Steel.
Your investment is for life!

Revolution Line