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VINYL SHELF – floating turntable shelf


A great news: the first floating turntable shelf.
Born to have a dedicated object, thanks to the aggressive return of the black disk on the market, VINYL SHELF offers to increase the top shelf insulation, helping any turntable to work in the perfect conditions.
VINYL SHELF is a floating shelf, suspended on Torlon® spheres (a plastic material used into the automotive and aeronautical industries, with exceptional mechanical features) who increase the insulation.
On the back side we applied, at the center of the shelf, a damping mass about 8 kg, to increase the scattering generated from the turntable engine.
The most important feature is the completely compatibility with all our REFERENCE racks, produced from 2008 up to now, available in all 16 finishes and for any product.


TABLA – loudspeaker base


Tabla allows the isolation of the loudspeakers from the floor.
The idea is very simple: to put an inert material between floor and loudspeaker.
This system allows to loudspeaker “to float” minimizing the influence of the vibrations on the loudspeaker cabinet.
How showed in the graphic obtained by CLIO FW system and ACH-O1 accelerometer, TABLA works well and allows to reduce the vibrations of 8dB.TABLA are supplied with a special antiscratching black or white paint, but are also customizable from the client with every RAL colors.The base has an useful size of 330 x 430 mm (w x d) but it’s possible to have special size on demand.

B1 – modular damping feet


B1 is a new revolutionary anti vibration foot. B1 is indeed universal! It fit for the most of electronics in the market, instead of original feet, and represent a good help in the isolation.
B1 is even used under of the floorstand loudspeaker, under the stand of bookshelf loudspeaker or under the racks instead of normal base disks.
What make B1 special? Simple! B1 is modular and conceptually different. Inside of it there is a damping cylinder that allows to isolate the foot from the surface on which it’s placed. The vibrations are absorbed from the cylinder and converted into heat. The feet can be adapted for different weight, changing the cylinder inserted inside.
The set, it’s sold in an elegant wood box, and it’s accompanied of 3 different cylinders, tested to obtain the best result depending from the weight.

DSD – decoupling steel disks


Our standard decoupling disks. Made of AISI303 solid stainless steel, this indispensable accessory is included in all our REFERENCE LINE racks.
It’s not a normal base disk, but a really decoupling base. Inside there is a nitrile rubber Oring with high damping factor.
It can replace each type of spike shoe and it can be used under bookshelf or floorstanding loudspeakers, amplifiers, digital and analogue sources or racks. DSD is available on set of 3, 4 or 5 units.

M KIT – Additional Cylinders


From the beginning we are different!
Reference Line it’s a class of products that allow an incredible quantity of combinations. Do you need additional space for your new power amplifier? Now it’s simple: we’ve two different additional cylinders kit (2,5 and 7 cm) to increase the height between two shelves.
Your investment is for life!

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